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Audio: The Movie 是從我們備受歡迎的DC LIVE/Forensics Audio Training延伸出來的。這叁天的課程是設計來幫助鑒定專家能夠更好的掌控我們的工具,取證和保存的方法以及學習聲音相關的知識。這課程的前期是聲音的概述及聲音的運作。我們對許多老行家在上過我們的課之後向我們提起:“我在這行已經40年了,直到現在爲止我才知道這東西的意思”這類的話語感到驚訝。聲音有時候是很複雜的,可以用簡單明瞭的方式來解釋這複雜的聲音的科學是件有趣的事。Audio: The Movie 是個把複雜的東西簡化到人人都能明白很好的例子。你如果對聲音有興趣或聲音愛好者,這DVD將會不用數學簡單的向你解釋這複雜的聲音的世界。如果你認爲你已經知道一切你所需要知道關於音樂的話,當你看完將會發現還是有東西讓你驚訝的

The Reviews Are In

“”For those who don’t know much about audio, the entire video is likely to be helpful. But even audio veterans might learn a thing or two. For example, I never knew why 44.1kHz was chosen as the standard sampling rate for CDs until I watched the video. Another cool part explains why Nyquist’s theorem is justified in drawing the conclusion that you can reproduce a 20kHz sine wave at a 44.1kHz sample rate- but then explains some valid reasons why higher sampling rates can indeed produce audio that’s perceived as sounding better. Frankly, their explanation rang truer with me than a lot of what audio manufacturers are putting out into the world. And did you ever wonder why an audio CD can store more megabytes of data than a data CD? I didn’t, so either I’m dumb, or this video covers some material of interest to more than just beginners.”” Craig Anderton, Harmony Central

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“”Among the topics covered over the DVD’s eight chapters are sine waves and complex signals, frequencies, understanding loudness and dB measurements, and the world of digital audio?bits, sample rates and sampling, etc. Two hours doesn’t sound like much, but an incredible amount of information is imparted in that time. It seems like it would provide a nice overview to students just getting into audio, or it could work as a refresher course for more established pros.””
Blair Jackson, Mix Magazine

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“”If you teach Audio Production or a similar course, you might be interested in using Audio: The Movie, produced by Tracer Technologies, as supplementary material. While the packaging states the DVD ?? is a college level course that will help you understand the principles of audio but bypasses most of the mathematics usually associated with such studies,? another statement on the DVD suggests it is ?a course in audio theory for normal, average, every-day folks.? Finally, their website notes ??this information is provided in easy to understand terms?? and, for the most part, the viewer will find all these statements are fairly accurate. “” David E. Reese, The University of Nevada, Las Vegas